Protect Your Immune System From Hiv

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus was first found in the USA in 1981. HIV is an infection that assaults those cells of our body that battle contaminations and sicknesses. It makes the casualty more helpless against infections. Ordinarily, subsequent to getting this infection, the patient lives with it for 3 to 4 years with no indications until the insusceptible framework at last debilitates. Before long, the patient begins to create various sicknesses and at last bites the dust of an infection, or as a rule, some disease.

Helps is the last phase of HIV. In the event that HIV is left untreated, the patient creates AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). This is the stage when the patient’s resistant framework has been totally harmed.


Since HIV is an infection, its methods of transmission are additionally lovely like other infections. A few manners by which HIV can be sent to our body are through:

(I) Sexual intercourse: The most widely recognized type of transmission is sex with somebody previously tainted. This infection is available in body liquids like semen and spit. Aside from that, it additionally lies in the regenerative parcels of the vagina. This is the reason having sex with a HIV positive man or lady can move this infection to your body. It represents why prostitution is getting one of the primary driver of AIDS.

(II) Injection needles: Sharing grimy or utilized infusion needles can likewise spread this infection. It can acquaint this infection with our circulatory system and taint us. This is the reason drug victimizers are bound to be HIV positive, and dispensable needles are utilized in each medical clinic.

(III) Mother-to-kid transmission: If the mother is HIV positive while pregnant, she may send this infection to her unborn youngster. This is the reason there have been a few instances of little youngsters being discovered HIV positive.

(IV) Blood bondings: Having a bonding of defiled or contaminated blood can acquaint HIV with your body.


Contingent upon the disease stage, the manifestations of HIV shift. There are normally three periods of indications that are recorded beneath:

(I) Acute HIV: This is the essential phase of disease, and manifestations create following a little while of being tainted. The basic manifestations are fever, migraine, rash, looseness of the bowels, hack, sore throat, and swollen lymph organs.

(II) Chronic HIV: This is the idle stage when there are no specific manifestations. This stage goes on for certain years in a few people, and later, they grow significantly more serious illnesses because of the invulnerable framework’s disappointment.

(III) Symptomatic HIV: This is the stage when the infection keeps on duplicating in the framework and annihilate the cells. A large portion of the manifestations like weariness, looseness of the bowels, oral yeast contamination, weight reduction, and pneumonia show up at this stage.

(IV) Developing AIDS: Finally, the last stage comes when the casualties have created AIDS, and their invulnerable framework has been for all time harmed. At this stage, the patient turns out to be more powerless against diseases. The typical manifestations are happening fever, ongoing the runs, drawn out weariness, shortcoming, weight reduction, and white spots on the tongue or mouth.

HIV Treatment

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Starting today, there is no antibody for HIV. Notwithstanding, certain drugs can keep a patient from arriving at the last phase of creating AIDS.

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