Social Marketing Strategies That You Should Know About

Social marketing is a beautiful thing. Where else can you drive hundreds, even thousands, of visitors to your site at the drop of a hat? The only medium I know of that can achieve the same, quick results is pay per click. The difference is that pay per click is expensive!

What a lot of people take for granted in social media is that there are several different strategies you can have in determining what kind of campaign you want to set up. lloydsapotheken Perhaps you want something ‘brand’ oriented or you would like to take advantage of the SEO effects of high PR sites linking to yours…

Really, you have to figure out what your goals are and then break those down into action plans.

We’re going to talk about three social marketing strategies that I think you’ll like, depending on what you’re looking to do online.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is probably the most popular social marketing strategy, but it’s the absolute hardest to pull off. Everyone wants 200,000 visitors by the end of the week! Getting them is a different story.

By using sites like and, it’s entirely possible to create a campaign that will expose your content to a thousands of people, almost overnight. But the content has to be extraordinary! We’re talking great videos, amazing blog posts, or something truly controversial.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the fastest ways of ranking in the search engines is by tying your social media profiles to your website. Now, not all social sites are created equal. Some have no-follow attributes in all the places you can link out, but others (like make it easy to attain high rankings very quickly.

I know of quite a few people who use social media for SEO purposes alone. And that’s cool if it’s what you’re setting out to do in the first place!

Reputation Management

A new, growing trend is to use social media profiles to push down bad results in the search engines. So businesses who have had a ‘less than glowing’ past or people who’ve been less conservative about their weekend adventures – social media is a buffer that you might want to look in to.

The social media sites rank so well with Google and Yahoo that it’s easy to create an account, be somewhat active, and rank at the top of the search engines with your name. When that happens, all the less than favorable content starts to get pushed down to pages 2 and 3.


There are lots and lots of ways to use web social marketing depending on what you’re goals are. The important thing is that you define some and take action. Learn the best way to set up each of the social sites and you’ll be that much closer to achieving viral marketing success, high search rankings, or a name that can’t be touched in Google!


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