Peaks and valleys- be consistent in your social media activity

Same method of communication- not everyone receives information through the same medium. Some people like to read, others like video, and some people will be drawn to pictures on your site. The key is to mix up the way you post. If you simply put out a blog every day, your followers will become blind to your communication method. Change it up a little. If you have a blog one day, then put up a simple video the next. Post and tag people in pictures later in the week. The more variety in your posts, the more interaction you will achieve.

Peaks and valleys- be consistent in your social media activity. This doesn’t mean that you have to make posts multiple times every day. But if your goal is to make condesi 30 Facebook posts per month, you’ll find it’s better to have 1 post per day than 3 days with 10 posts.

Do it all yourself- did you ever have multiple email accounts? I used to have a hotmail, yahoo, and gmail account that I would use to communicate with people. Having to log into multiple accounts each day to check the emails became annoying, time consuming, and ineffective. The fact is, it became to time consuming to do this and I hardly ever used my email. However, once I learned to load all of my email accounts into Outlook, I was able to efficiently check and utilize the benefits of email. The same applies to social media. If you have to log into and log off of 5 different social media sites each day, it will become tiresome and your level of engagements on these sites will dwindle. Therefore, utilizing tools that will allow you to log into all of your social media accounts for interactions may be the best way to ensure that you consistently implement your social media plan. Again, there are some good all-in-one social media dashboards that will allow you to streamline your accounts and social networking efforts.
In summary, if you are a small business owner looking to create a social media marketing plan for your business, then you absolutely should educate yourself on how to use the technology and find tools to assist you in the daily utilization. If you don’t know how to build a house and you don’t have a hammer, that house isn’t going to get built. By taking the steps listed above in this article, you will be able to quickly and effectively create & implement your own profitable social media marketing plan.

Tom Bukacek is an author, a real estate investor, and social media consultant. Tom is also CEO of Black Box Social Media LLC, a ‘managed for’ social media marketing consulting company that focuses on higher end clients. Black Box Social Media has also developed an online web 2.0 educational platform called ‘Social Media in 7 Minutes’. The purpose of SMI7M is to show small businesses how they can create and implement a social media marketing plan quickly and inexpensively. SMI7M consists of 30+ how to videos detailing how to set up and use web 2.0 platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, and online directories to allow you to connect and interact with both your current and potential customers. SMI7M also has it’s own unique software, ‘7 Minute Dashboard’ that allows the user to engage, manage, and schedule all social media posts from all accounts in just one place.

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