As an Internet affiliate marketer

As an Internet affiliate marketer, there are really two, broad merchandise categories to consider: 1) physical products that must be boxed and delivered to the consumer and 2) informational products such as e-books and computer programs that can be distributed immediately over the web at affordable prices with no freight or storage costs. legrosjambon For the purposes of this article, I’d like to concentrate on the second type because of the benefits just stated. The Internet, at its commencement, was called the “Information Super-Highway.” It was not labeled the “Physical Products Superhighway” because, to this day, no one has determined how to push a big carton through a matrix of wires, satellites and fiber-optic cables. So, even though you can promote physical products over the Internet, they lack the price-effectiveness and immediate deliverability offered by informational and software products.

While there are a number of places to unearth informational and software products to sell as an affiliate marketer, I’d prefer to zoom in on only one of them, as an example. That place is and I’ll talk about it for the reason that it has several distinctive benefits to an Internet affiliate marketer. The most valuable benefit of these is the capability to show which of the thousands of offerings listed there are the best sellers. The best tool for this is a number provided by ClickBank for every item called “gravity” which is a quantifiable, ever-changing number showing the quantity of recent sales. The larger the figure, the greater the sales. The clear knee-jerk reaction is that an affiliate marketer should only promote those items with the highest gravity but that strategy fails to consider the truth that everyone and his brother (or sister) is going to be out there attempting to sell those clear winners. It is also frequently true that items at the very summit of the gravity list may just be enjoying their “moment in the sun” of popularity: Here today, gone tomorrow.

Gravity can run from a low of zero to a high of about a thousand. To dodge the competition, I like to sell products that exhibit a gravity figure no less than 10 and no greater than two hundred. These are approximate figures, so if I find a perfect product with a gravity of two hundred fifteen, I am definitely not going to pass it by. Using this system, I have picked out a list of possible affiliate products to retail that are selling quite well and may not have as much competition as those products at the top of the list. My process of elimination is not over yet, though: I still need to find the perfect keywords for those items to use in promoting each of these products. It turns out that each keyword is, by itself, representative of a niche. For example, the keyword phrase “pet supplies” would represent a huge niche with a lot of competition while “purple, studded, poodle collars” (a so-called “long-tail” keyword) would undoubtedly represent a small niche with much less competition.

So, your last chore, then, in the discovery procedure is to find keywords that represent niches with low competition and high demand. Using a keyword research tool you can spot which keywords have the greatest number of recent searches (highest demand) and, by using a standard Google search utilizing each of these keywords, one by one, you can ascertain the number of competing pages that exist for each particular keyword. You’ll find that figure right under the Google search box. As an arbitrary figure, I like to see less than 5 million competing pages across the Internet for any keyword. Best wishes on your prospecting for the perfect affiliate product to market to the perfect niche!

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