Country Music Artist Taylor Swift

The teenage music artist jumped on top of hoops to find its way to the top after merely three years in the industry, having country music veterans both consider and exclaim as for the future of country music.

As the youngest winner to the most important prize for the night, she happens to be also one among just six females to be able to experience the Entertainer of the Year award – behind Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell, Reba McEntire, Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks. It has been only 2 years ago in which the new Nashville resident picked up CMA’s Best New Artist, and this year Taylor Swift strolls away with Female Vocalist, Video of the Year for “Love Story,” as well as Album of the Year for Fearless.

“I’ll never forget this moment, because in this moment, everything that I have ever wanted has just happened to me,” Taylor Swift said while taking her Entertainer of the Year award amidst tears. In the event that you want to enjoy this multiple award winner, secure Taylor Swift concert tickets for the Fearless tour are now on sale for all concert tour dates.

This has ended up a real whirlwind of a year for Swift, who struck gold as soon as she first introduced the single “Love Story” way back in September 2008 that marked the debut of Fearless. This excellent album awakened a new soul within the former teen starlet who wrote about damaged relationships and best friends, as songs such as “Fifteen” along with “Belong with Me” all hit the airwaves strong and continued to be well known with fans. One after another of Taylor Swift’s tracks topped the charts, streamlined country and pop radio stations not to mention renewed country music everywhere.

It had been the 1st time where such type of accomplishment from a country star came from somebody so small – just a couple years earlier she had unveiled her debut hit single “Tim McGraw” and the self-titled song of which earned Taylor Swift 3 time multi-platinum fame. The bonafide Pennsylvania native ultimately saw Fearless develop into one of the lone CDs to thus get a hold of 13 Top 40 hits.

This was as well the year in which Swift not merely offered country music the best crossover achieving success in history, however also found a way to suddenly harmonize these a couple of worlds in distress – thanks in part to MTV and the notorious Kanye West. This year’s Video Music Awards not only handed Swift this first-ever award to a country music artist, and yet it ended up being furthermore one by sanity the moment the industry’s most popular rapper stormed onstage preceding Swift’s win for Best Female Video to shout Beyonce’s praises. Even though Swift does not mention the actual circumstance anymore, it however reels everyone’s thoughts, undoubtedly Kanye West since his upcoming tour and career consequently became bust.

This country artist youngster who is going to be as devoted as far as her music as she is her social media networks – regularly putting up new videos and also blogs – earns most popular honors when it comes to awards voted as a result of fans. Even without the fame towards the former reigning Female Singer Carrie Underwood has through American Idol, Taylor Swift seems to have time and time repeatedly demonstrated the fact reaching out toward the fans makes a big difference.

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