Mighty Gifts From God

How many people are even aware that God is real? How many feel the power within them when the Spirit speaks and they tremble with joy? How many have received a remarkable healing and something that was incurable a few seconds before is gone forever? How many now speak in tongues and communicate directly with the Great Spirit of the Universe? These are all mighty gifts from God but there are others that are far less obvious.

One of them is reincarnation. The ability to journey from one life to the next is perhaps the greatest gift of all. When one has been murdered or tortured because of their spirituality and religious believers killed them they have returned. This is known because everyone who has lived is back. That is the reason for the massive overpopulation going on today.

Reincarnation is spoken of in the Old Testament. “God shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven shall no evil touch thee.”┬áJob 8:19

Most consider Job to be a man but that is not the truth. It is the story of how the Spirit gave up its children into the hands of the religious who consider the devil a living creature. They have been severely dealt with and contaminated with falsehoods until the time they are delivered from their hands.

We have arrived at that time and many are now recalling their reincarnations or are, at least, interested in the process. Many were one sex in their last lives and another in this. Thus, we see an overflow of homosexuals and transvestites. It is hard to adjust to the change when the memory is strong.

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