How to Create a Flirty Screen Name for Online Dating

You are all geared up to have some fun and hopefully meet someone wonderful online but before you start you want to create a catchy screen name for yourself. How should you go about creating a flirty screen name for yourself?

1. Who are you? To create a screen name that fits you, you need to define who you are.

a. What two or three words best describe you? If you are not sure about this ask a few close friends or family members to describe you in a few words. At this point you just want to get great adjectives that describe your personality or your temperament or your character or your behavior. And be as honest as you possibly can as you want to convey your essence in a flirty way but you also want to remain true to who you are.

b. Synonyms? Now look for synonyms for those words that best describe you. Get as many synonyms as you can so that you have a wide variety of choices. You can use an online dictionary or your MS word thesaurus or whatever resources you have. And make sure that you do use a resource or reference as it will be invaluable in giving you words that you normally wouldn’t have thought about and this will widen your online name options.

2. Type of online dating. What kind of outcome do you want out of your online dating? Is it a one night adventure or a fling or a holiday romance or a long term relationship? This will determine the sort of screen name that you choose.

3. Which is your target audience? Who do you want to connect with? What age bracket is that and what impresses that age bracket? What are the values and key attitudes of the people you want to attract online? To create the name that will get you the right online connections or views you need to know as accurately as possible who it is that you want to appeal to.

4. What image do you want to convey? To create a flirty screen name you need to know the type of image that you want to create. You want your name to conjure up certain images in the mind of those who view you. What image is that?

5. Create your flirty screen name. Choose one or two words that best describe you from step 1 and then based on steps 2 to 4 get a word or words that best illustrates who you are to the right audience. Combine the words in different ways until you get a combination that makes you happy or that fits best what it is that you want to convey.

Creating a flirty screen name for online dating requires you to follow these simple steps and you will get a name that will be uniquely you but if you don’t follow these steps then you will probably end up with a common screen name that doesn’t reflect your uniqueness.

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