Copywriting – How To Use The Power Of Words To Effortlessly Persuade People To Buy Now

Imagine changing one word in your sales copy and it would

increase sales dramatically

How can you accomplish this? Simply by using the right set

of words and phrases.

It’s been 4 years already since I’ve been marketing online

and the number one skill you can have is writing killer web


But learning how to write great copy takes practice. A lot

of practice.

During my past online marketing experience I

compiled a list of hundreds of power words and phrases that

I think were really compelling to me.

Each time I came across a great piece of copy I would immediately

write down the words they used that attracted me onto my 49c


Today, I have a great list of jaw-dropping words I can refer

to when I’m writing any type of marketing media such as

sales copy.

The problem is that there’s so much competition in cyber

space. People creating “make money” ebook products, “diet”

ebook products and many more.

A lot of questions from people selling information products

came up, such as:

  • How can I separate myself from my competition?
  • How can I make my sales copy more irresistible?
  • How can I use psychological devices to inspire & persuade people to take action?

The first thing you can do to dramatically increase 

conversion rates is change the way you describe and explain


Don’t bore people with overused words and phrases such as

“How to create ebooks in 5 steps”.

Instead, add power words, psychological words, and phrases.

Here’s an example – “How To Easily & Quickly Create A

Winning eBook Using 5 Proven Steps, Guaranteed”.

Can you see the difference?

If this were a product, which one out of the two headlines

would you buy from? Of course the second headline!


  1. It makes a promise (“Guaranteed”)
  2. It highlights the main benefit (“Create A Winning ebook”)
  3. It shows you how easy it is (“Easily & Quickly”)
  4. It’s concise & specific (“5 proven steps”)


This is just one use of using the power of words and

phrases. This concept can be used on headlines, subject

lines, auction headlines/descriptions, Pay-Per-Click advertising

and any marketing media you could think of.

Here are four easy steps you can take right now to create a

of killer words and phrases for you to refer in the future:

  1. But a notepad – It doesn’t need to be fancy. I use a 49c notepad I bought from the local grocery store. Or you could use a word processing software such as notepad.
  2. Keep this notepad next to you at all times when you’re online. If you see a word that sounds appealing, write it down immediately.
  3. Organize them in alphabetical order. Numbers can also be added to you list. For example 100%.
  4. If you’re not on your computer and you see a great word, write it down on anything you can find – even a paper towel. Or type it on your mobile phone.

I’m speaking from experience and creating your own ‘list’ of 

words and phrases can benefit immensely for your online

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