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1ShoppingCart describes itself as an “all-in-one ecommerce and marketing solution”, and this is a very accurate description indeed. For one low monthly fee you can begin creating an unlimited number of email lists and autoresponders. joukjeakveld Creating newsletter templates is very easy, and switching between them within the same message is also very simple. Once you are established as an online retailer you can then upgrade to an account which will handle all of your physical and digital products and even allow you to begin an affiliate program. It really is a one stop shop for all things needed in an ecommerce site.

Unfortunately, 1ShoppingCart has a very unappealing form creator. You will absolutely need to create your form outside of 1ShoppingCart in order to have one that is appealing. Their support is also seriously lacking unless you opt for an account that has direct phone service as an option – which of course costs more. This service is more for the serious online business person who already has some experience under their belt.


InfusionSoft is an entity unto its own in the email marketing and ecommerce world. In one place, you can control everything you need to – affiliates, emails, autoresponders, products, and more. You also have endless reporting options to track every single metric to fine tune your processes. Building templates and forms is very easy, and creating emails is actually some fun. Their support and training videos are excellent, so even if you are completely new to the Internet, you can begin creating professional level marketing materials and emails.

InfusionSoft’s biggest con is the price. Do not look to InfusionSoft unless you are a larger company and/or are looking for serious results, because the cost is much higher than almost any of the other email marketing services around today. As of this writing, the visual editor for their emails also only works in Firefox – very frustrating for someone who prefers to use anything else!

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a marketing provider with options that go well beyond email. While of course they do email marketing, and creating templates. lists and forms is very easy, they also have options for creating surveys, marketing events, and ramping up your social media efforts. They provide results, and the training and support are very thorough. The cost is also very comparable with other services, allowing you to pick and choose which options you need.

The terminology Constant Contact uses is different than other email marketing services, however, and many options that are grouped together (such as creating a welcome message and autoresponder messages) feel scattered around in the program. If you have worked in other email marketing programs, it will take some time to adapt to Constant Contact.

This is by no means a complete list of the email service providers out there. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of providers, but these names will definitely come up more than once as you search for the right one. Be sure to read reviews and ask questions before you choose a provider, and know what you want to be doing with your site within the next year. Transporting your list from one provider to the next can be a pain in the best case scenario, and impossible in the worst – so choose carefully.

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